Wildest Dreams

Matt Woosey

Wildest Dreams

  • Release date: 2014-11-03
  • Catalog #: RMRCD0008

Just a few of the comments about Wildest Dreams:

“Put it on your shopping list, buy it for everyone for Christmas. Do what you like but get it. Get the album.”

Richard Dunning, Blues On The Radio

“If you buy only one album this year, make it Woosey’s Wildest Dreams”

Iain Patience, Blues & CO

“His guitar-work throughout is exemplary with riffs that could easily grace any Pink Floyd or Fleetwood Mac album!”

Amplified Magazine

“I love the textures and layers Matt conjures up with his slap & pick right hand technique – John Martyn-esque at times.”

Simon Redley, Maverick Magazine

“This guy just gets better and better, stronger and stronger, and is clearly extraordinarily talented. This has to be the main contender for ‘album of the year'”

Cashbox, Canada

  • Recorded, mixed and mastered on site at: Monnow Valley Studio by Tony Hobden 23-26 June 2014
  • Bass: Rob Newell
  • C3 Hammond Organ: Paul Quinn
  • Produced by: Tony Hobden and Matt Woosey
  • Assistant engineer: Liam Ross
  • Studio assistants: Tarrant Shepherd and Felix Mercer
  • Photography:  © Andrew Thompson
  • Wildest Dreams logo by: James Strawbridge
  • All ornate lamps broken by: Dave (as well as cider spillages and carpet cleaning bill!)
  • Executive producers: Mark Robson and Jeff Barnes
  • Sobriety management: Adam Buhryn

© Matt Woosey. All tracks written and performed by Matt Woosey